Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Random Updates

-Anneliese seems to be getting over her lactose issue. She loves cheese sticks and I've slowly let her have one here and there and she's done great. Two days ago I tempted fate and gave her a small cup of milk. She's fine! I'm so thankful that the lactose intolerance seems to have passed.

-I've let the kids have the last 3 weeks off other than a random day of school here and there when it's raining. I know they have enjoyed it but now that the "end" of the school year is upon us I feel stress that there are lessons undone. I have every intention of spreading them out over the summer to keep things fresh in their minds. There will be plenty of hot miserable days that they'll appreciate being indoors. The issue is: I don't handle leaving things incomplete very well.

-The Prilosec seems to be helping. I've been pain free since yesterday morning. I pray that it continues! My ultrasound of the gall bladder is Thursday morning at 9:15. Jared also has a doctor's appointment Thursday morning at 10. Hmmm, that may pose a problem.

-Smelly Chair, Smelly Chair what are they feeding you? The chair is improving. The kids actually sat in it today. That may seem odd to some but they too were repelled by it's odor. The turn around happened when Tina S. offered eucalyptus oil. She said they use it for basic deodorizing and offered up a few ounces. We mixed it with water and misted the chair 3 times so far. The chair is remarkably better and will be a permanent addition to our living room. I promise it is the cleanest chair in Wyandotte County, possibly the state of Kansas. It has been washed, polished, and deodorized to the point I'm shocked it still has color to it. Isn't it pretty?
-Apparently all I need to get my smoker smoking is some charcoal, wood, and a turkey. Anyone have any of those they'd like to unload :) I've been reading, researching, and getting ready to try it out. Is it the 1st yet?

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Ma said...

The chair should also be sportin' a nice tan! Hours in the sun on Friday! :0)