Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Day!

His mercies are new every morning and I refuse to wallow so here we go!

-My house is super clean! YAY, I have some basic picking up to do and then my chores for the day are done!

-The kids have had a couple weeks off school since the weather has been so nice. I decided to break up our summer a bit so they could enjoy the Spring and do school indoors during the heat of the summer. Since today is overcast I may pull out some books. Pray for me, they won't be all :)

-Anneliese is such a doll. She is so very different. She wandered out of my bedroom with my hot rollers. I'm pretty sure I've gone 10 years without them being messed with. Even the goofy stuff she gets into is typically girlie. She likes to carry around a bottle of fingernail polish and a comb, neither of which gets pointed at anyone as a gun or gets shoved across the floor with a "vrrroooommm." My favorite was Sunday morning. We are typically chaotic on Sundays. With the boys wandering aimlessly hooting and hollering Anneliese sat patiently on the landing in her dress. She had her hands on her lap and just sat until we were ready to go.

-Yesterday I put up Sis' window treatments. Please note she is 14 months old and I have had the rod and curtains since I was 8 months pregnant. Better late than never and they look awesome (they may need some pressing but other than that :)).

-Out of all the kids I think I'm most looking forward to Graham getting his "Jeep" bike from Wal-Mart. When we went shopping the other day he found this and it's all he's talked about. He asked me this morning how long until he gets his (insert lisp) "super cool orange bike with awesome wheels." The older boys are a priority right now due to how much they use theirs but I really can't wait to bring this home to my little Graham-ma-lama :)-I get to go to World's of Fun! I'm sooo excited. I haven't been since Jared and I took the youth group from Rushville some 12 years ago! Our church is sending a group and I'm going as a sponsor. Thank you Jared for saying, "I think that would be really cool for you to go!" Even though it means you have the babies for the day. You rock my face off :)

-Oh, and speaking of The Girl and how different she is. While the boys shopped for bikes she found this:
She went straight to the Dora bike with the flowers on the seat. Notice where her feet are vs the pedals :)

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Eat, Fart and Bark said...

I'm so glad you are going Saturday.
Can you email me the date of the 1/2 marathon? I'm putting 5K's on my calendar. Post has 5 of them coming up starting in June. I can get you the forms if you'd like to do those, too.

Also asking that you get helmets with those wonderful bikes. I wouldn't be in this lovely frame of mind if it weren't for a helmet.