Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Coker's Chairs

This is not the actual before but it is their other chair that is just like the after. The only difference is the actual chair did not have the back attached. This chair has received a full makeover.

After some reinforcing, sanding, paint and poly:

I'd put it in my house, how about you?


Alisa said...

I really love chairs like this done in black so I LOVE it!! I'm sure they will appreciate all your hard work.

Cindy Coker said...

I do appreciate your hard work...but I want my chair back when you're done. :) I'll find you another one if you want it. hee hee hee Thanks so much! You are truly amazing....the grill you redid looks just as pretty as my new chair.

Ma said...

Stinkin' adorable!!