Saturday, May 15, 2010

I've Been Featured!!! HAPPY DANCE

I have been featured over at Remodelaholics

I've been gone all day at World's of Fun and didn't see it until now! I'm so flattered and so stinking excited.

It's nice when you work really super duper hard to have it noticed. Thank you Cassity! Click on the link and check out my Barn Remodel! The best part is the whole make over cost us a whopping $200! That's amazing :)


Beth Eaton said...

AWESOME SHANNON - that is soooo exciting!! You deserve a BIG pat on the back for that project. WAY TO GO !!!! WOO HOO- I'm doing a happy dance with ya :)

Shannon said...

Thank you Beth! I was so stinking excited. She liked it she really liked it and she's soo cool ;)