Wednesday, May 26, 2010

1 Mississippi 2 Mississippi

-We are SO close to 50,000 hits! I feel the urge to blog about anything and everything to get to that mile marker. That's huge and I'm so excited to be so close!

-Ms. Jess is on her way over. That poor girl has been through the ringer over the last month and I haven't seen her since Mother's Day. She's FINALLY feeling better and I can't wait to squeeze her and give her a big ol' smooch on the cheek.

-We just received notice from our mortgage company that due to a shortage in our escrow account our house payment is going up $102 a month. Yay us...

-I'm sporting a "tan." Okay, stop giggling. I am running early in the mornings with a tank and shorts and my skin has this weird color. It's not red, pink, or white. I can only figure that this is my body's attempt at a tan. If you look between the freckles you can see it...right there...see it...oh forget it :)

-I'll come up with something else to write about, or maybe you'll just get a cute pic of the girl. Either way keep checking back! We're almost to 50,000!


Eat, Fart and Bark said...

Do you get to go out for a D.Q. blizzard when you hit 50,000?

Shannon said...

If you'll be my date it's a deal! I haven't had DQ in at least a year :)