Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mary Did You Know?

My Dad has one sister Susan, and one brother Jim. I haven't ever met my uncle and I met my aunt once. I received an email from Aunt Sue today. She found me on facebook and requested my "friendship." She sent an email and said in my profile picture I resemble my Dad's mom, Mary.

This is my facebook profile pic from this last December:

This is Mary:
My mom has always told me I looked more like Dad's side than hers. It is fascinating to see what she looked like. I can't help but wonder about who she was, what she loved, who she loved. What was her life like?

Did she have any idea she had a grand daughter that resembled her so?


Becky said...

wow! That brought tears to my look a lot like her! That is awesome. I'm sure it gives you a better feeling of "where you came from."

Jenny Fry-Aldridge said...

It gives me chills to think that God made each of us unique but that perhaps that this person could have been just like you. I guess that you are so beautiful that God had to put at least two of you on this earth. Also what a cool way to learn your history and your family tree!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! That is eerie! You look so much like your grandma! I'm so glad your Aunt Sue contacted you!