Monday, September 28, 2009

Feeling Some Gratitude

I have been thinking on a lot of things lately and want to take a minute to show some appreciation.

My life is blessed with 5 beautiful children that I have the pleasure of loving, teaching, shaping, disciplining, and simply enjoying.

It is not lost on my that I am able to stay home with them and what a privilege that is. I am thankful for a husband that provides a stable and loving home for us. I am thankful for a church that understands my ministry is to my husband and children and sacrificially provide for us so I can fulfill my calling.

As my husband often says, "God has blessed our socks off."

Thank you Jared, for faithfully being the man God has called you to be.

Thank you Wyandotte County Christian Church for allowing us to serve here and for taking such amazing care of my family.

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Beth Eaton said...

I am so glad that you are being blessed in the family that you are creating! The little that I know you I think you are doing a great job. It is a testament to your love to Jared also for publicly thanking him and showing that you appreciate all that he does. I know that many people, including myself, don't do that often enough!