Sunday, September 27, 2009

To Die For

Apparently I use the title rather frequently when speaking of things I enjoy. Therefore I thought it would be an appropriate title for new food finds.

First of all if you do nothing else tomorrow go to the store and purchase yourself the Weight Watchers Ice Cream Candy Bar. It's 3 points of the most delicious thing I've ever tasted. They taste exactly like a Snickers Ice Cream bar. I'm in LOVE with these things.

The second find is just as exciting. I decided to make up a quick salad for dinner. I had left over BBQ chicken in the fridge from the other night so I topped some fresh greens with a generous pile of BBQ chicken and some fat free cheddar cheese. My favorite dish at Famous Dave's is their pulled chicken BBQ salad and I recreated it! It was super simple and delicious! Since the chicken had my home made sauce on it no dressing was needed. It was super simple, crazy good, and very low in points. It was such a low point dinner I celebrated with a Weight Watchers Ice Cream bar!

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