Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Random School Stuff

-I have a working solution to my curriculum disorganization I previously wrote about. I am making tabs for each subject within each curriculum book. I have a pile of books for each grade and I just flip from subject to subject making sure I've exhausted every aspect of the curriculum as well as myself :) It's not pretty but it's functional and I feel better knowing the boys are getting everything Abeka has to offer.

-We are becoming quite the home bodies. It's just too hectic to head out and run errands or have play dates and get home in time to eat lunch and complete school in a reasonable manner. We're not a family of morning people so I get up and walk in the morning and we start school after an early lunch. It works out well for now because the babies are typically napping and that cuts down significantly on the overall noise.

-I'm curious when to start the boys in music. I would like the older two to start piano lessons. If you know of anyone in the area let me know. I have a Tenor Saxophone that I would like to teach them to play. I play and love it.

-My friend Alisa over at The Sweet Life has a great how to blog on chalk board paint. I am super excited to try this out. I've been wanting to put a chalk board in the office since there's quite a bit of chalk board work for Eli. I have some window trim left over from the work on the house to frame it out. YAY project time! I love a good project. Thanks Alisa!

-Jared and I have plans to make some homemade bouncy balls. You don't have to be a home schooler to enjoy this fun activity!

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