Thursday, September 3, 2009

Need Some Change?

Apparently blogger has all kinds of templates available now. It seems like every time I click on your blogs to see if there's any new info there's a new template. As someone who resists change mine may stay tried and true unless there is just something that absolutely says, "Shannon."

I love Alisa's at the Sweet Life because it's so personal. I really like Jenny's because of the images down the side. Amy's and Christi's are very cutesy and crafty and they seem to fit them both.

I would love to create one of my own that is deeply personal and possibly pithy but I'm not real sure where to start. Hmmm this smells of a new project. I like projects :)


Alisa said...

I used Mosaic Maker to make my header if you wanted to try it.

Here's the link

Jen said...

Thanks Alisa! I have been wanting to ask you how you did that.

Shannon I used for mine. They have a TON of really cute ones on there.

Amy said...

I just want to find one with the "comment" part that works. I keep switching because the ones I pick won't let anyone leave comments. I would rather have a personal one too, But, I figure I should prove to myself that I can commit to blogging before investing the time.

Amy said...

And why were you up at 6:47???