Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Random Fall Thoughts

-Anneliese now has 8 teeth. She went from 2 to 8 in 3 days. She looks really different and I can't believe how well she did. Other than a little crankiness and she got up a few nights she did great.

-Jared is crazy sick. He came home yesterday around 4 and hasn't really been out of bed since. We appreciate your prayers for a quick recovery and that he keep his nastiness to himself :) Sunday is his 33rd birthday and we'd love to see him back to normal by then.

-The kids are finishing up their first 30 lessons of school. It really is crazy how fast the year goes once you get started.

-I love the cool weather but I'm not so keen on changing out clothes for the new season. It's time to take inventory. I've got to see who needs shoes, coats, sweatshirts and jeans for the fall. Brennan and Tanner have gotten so much taller all their shirts are too short. Luckily Eli is set and so is Graham (thanks to Tashy!).

-Ms. Jess and I are making the meal for tonight's Wednesday Night Family night. Last night I rubbed down 40lbs of pork butt/shoulder with my BBQ rub. It started cooking at 9 pm and by 6 tonight it will have slow cooked for 20 + hours. The menu is pulled pork sandwiches, baked mashed potatoes (mashed with bacon, sour cream and cheese), and fancy green beans with bacon and onion! YUMMM can't wait.

-Jared and I are eager to sign up for a Y membership. I'm trying to hold off until it's just too nasty out for the kids to play and for me to work out outside to save a little $. It will be nice for us to be able to workout and play during the winter months. Little boys who've spent their energies are much easier to teach. Mommies who have had some solitude on the treadmill with worship music are much better teachers.

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