Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ortho Woes

Tanner received his multimillion dollar oral appliance today. It was quite underwhelming when they handed me the object that I will be paying for over the course of a year. Tanner has a severe inability to talk without slurring and slurping. They said that both with get better over the course of a couple days. Right now it's a tidbit obnoxious :) His mouth continually salivates since his glands thinks he's going to eat the foreign object in his mouth (hence the slurping). We will be cranking his mouth wider and wider each week over the next 8 weeks. His little face with be changing dramatically.

They had 2 warnings. 1) DO NOT wrap the spacer with a napkin while eating because you WILL throw it away at some point. 2)Dogs LOVE these and will use them as a chew toy if they are ever allowed access. They kindly added, "It will be the most expensive chew toy you ever bought them." Ya think?! I have slightly less stress since he's home schooled and I won't have to wonder if he's properly taking care of it throughout the day.

Brennan also had an appointment to evaluate his orthodontic needs. The dental school thought it wise just to have him looked at since he's at the right age. I was lulled into a false sense of security since UMKC Dental school didn't think he would need anything just yet. Apparently his issues are slightly worse and of a different nature. He needs not one but two spacers. Thankfully his will be fixed in place so I won't have to worry about him losing them since he's getting them instead of a car when he turns 16. He'll have his spacers for two years and thankfully they allow payments over the term of treatment (interest free).

The idea is that these spacers are preventative treatment that will allow their teeth to "drop" in naturally hopefully avoiding braces in the future. Right now I am just having to take a deep breath and trust that the Lord will provide for our needs.

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