Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Brennan Conner

This was taken with our first digital camera. It had 1 megapixel!!! Brennan was 5 mos old.

Brennan is 9 years old today. We waited desperately for you little boy. It's unreal to me that you are already 9 years old. We love you more than you could fathom and our hearts burst with pride at who God has created you to be.


NeNe said...

Happy 9th birthday B!! Always remember how much your NeNe loves you!XXXXX00000

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Brennan!!! I can't believe you're 9 yrs old! It seems such a short time ago when you were born! We were all so excited about your arrival!! My friends at work made a big poster for me to congratulate me on my new Grandson!!!

Grandpa and I love you very much!!! Hope you've had a great day with your brothers and Kelby! We look forward to celebrating your birthday with you tomorrow!

G'ma & G'pa Altic