Saturday, September 12, 2009


-I'm garage sale'd out! I've been out the last two days and that's enough for me. We found a couple good deals but none of it's worth the driving and dragging 5 kiddos about. Thankfully yesterday my momma went and today I had Ms. Jess. The outings were fun mainly due to the company :)

-We already lost Tanner's spacer. We were garage sailing today and after a quick stop at McD's Tanner removed his spacer to eat and placed it on his lap. Fast forward to the next sale and he jumped out of the van, sent the spacer flying and we were none the wiser. It was at least 30 minutes when I arbitrarily asked him if he took it out while he ate. He replied, "Yes. Where is it?" I will be honest and admit I flipped out, emptied the van of it's contents on the side of the road and came close to bawling. I somehow regained enough composure to pray and ask for guidance. Jess and I reloaded the van and retraced our steps. We headed back to the first garage sale post McD's and began searching. The homeowner was no help and seemed irked I interrupted her sale to ask if she'd seen it. My thoughts were fixed on "it's green, it's in the grass and I'll never see it." Right then I looked down and it was in the grass in front of my left foot. I started thanking Jesus like a Southern Belle that just came across a million dollars. I thanked Him and praised Him until I had no breath. Thank you Lord for taking care of us in the small things. We've made one payment on the spacer and would have continued to pay on an object we no longer owned while having to purchase yet another one. Thank you Lord. Thank you for helping me find it and for showing my children You answer prayers. Oh and THANK YOU.

-Anneliese is 6 months old today and I don't want to talk about it :(

-My tiny infant of a little girl is sleeping 11 hours a night. She has slept from 8 pm- 7am the last three nights. YAY!

-I started points yesterday. My weight has plateaued and over the last three weeks and I've lost 1lb. Whoo hoo (insert sarcasm here). I decided to switch it up a bit and switch from core to points for at least a week. I'm really hoping to see the scale move. If I get good results I'll keep going otherwise I'm heading right back to core where I feel full. Right now I'm just really hungry. Stay tuned for good points recipes. I've got two I'm eager to type up.


Anonymous said...

I had to dig through Dairy Queen's trash in Jr. High to find my retainer once. I was pretty sure my mom would react the way you did. I found it, too!

Mom said...

Oh my word, Shannon! I'm so sorry you (and the kids) had to go through this but I'm glad it was today and not yesterday!! I would have had a MELT DOWN! No help from the NeNe...Thank you Jesus for returning the retainer!

Anonymous said...

You look fantastic, but I do love seeing your great point recipes!! Keep them coming sister! :) And by the way....glad you found the spacer. :) Cousin Amy