Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tan Man

Today was Tanner's eye appointment.

I took him in because while we school he has said or done several things that sent up a red flag. With Jared and I both having eye trouble his genetics weren't in his favor.

The fantastic news is he does not need glasses!!! At least not yet. The doc said his eyes are perfect but if they follow the natural progression he'll be nearsighted by puberty. So we're good for now. In a way it's too bad because we picked out the cutest pair of camo frames :) that were perfect but healthy eyes are much better than trendy frames.

The bad news (and not surprising in anyway) is that Tanner is dyslexic. I have dealt with his transposing letters, numbers, word blends, and complete words since kindergarten. He should be developmentally past this and he still struggles about 60% of the time.

Here's the blessing...The doctor said that home schooling is in Tanner's best interest since I have been aware of the issue and have been trying to train/correct him since kindergarten. With some training exercises and more one on one care he should be completely trained out of it in a year more or less.

The doctor explained it as "eye brain coordination." Recognizing the issue so early and trying to train him to recognize the mistake is helping his eye and brain coordinate.

I would like to take a minute and dote on my 7 year old if I may. The curriculum I use is typically a year ahead of the public school system. It's considered intense, exhaustive, and more difficult than most. I chose it knowing I wouldn't ever be able to do all the odds and ends within the curriculum but even the basics would be a superior education. Tanner has been able to keep up with his grade and even excelled in math and science. Reading and spelling have been a challenge for him but even so he's kept up with Abeka.

It is my goal as his mommy and his teacher to be sure he isn't plagued by dyslexia for his lifetime. We will continue to be diligent so he will be a confident reader and speller. I am so proud of my Tan Man.

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