Friday, September 25, 2009

Plateau? What Plateau?

I'm losing weight and feeling great!

I weigh in on Fridays in order to weigh weekly and not drive myself crazy with daily weigh ins. This morning I am down 2.6lbs!!!! Whoopah!

Last week I wrote a blog about staying the same for a month. I desperately wanted to binge and eat all the things I've been turning down but I didn't. I've been at this long enough to know that being good can't stay hidden for long just like being bad can't stay hidden for long. It eventually shows up on the scale.

Last Friday I went down 1.2 and this week 2.6. 3.8 lbs lost in just 2 weeks!?! I'll take it. YAY progress! I'm only 13 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight and about 25 from my WW goal (I was up a bit at the beginning of my pregnancy). I'm almost there and giddy that the scale is moving again!! Yay Fall, Yay cute jeans! YAY!


Anonymous said...

If that doesn't motivate me, then I'm not sure what will. UGH.............I'm where you were in last week's blog. Very frustrated. I need to be writing my points down and taking it serious. This thinking I know where I am with points is obviously not working. I need to pay closer attention. Thanks for the Friday motivation.....:) And Congrats! :) Cousin Amy

Anonymous said...

Yea. It's a good feeling isn't it.

Shannon said...

You definitely need to look into a weight watchers app for your phone. I'm telling you it's a lifesaver. I always have my phone and I can easily write it in and I take care of it immediately. I use iWatcher and it only cost $1 and it's been great. I knew even when I wasn't losing that I was on plan and it had to show up eventually. You can do it Lady! I believe in you!!!!