Friday, September 4, 2009

Scentless Candles are Senseless

Last week I went to a Scentsy party at Jenny H.'s house. I'll be honest and say I went simply because I love my Lainy (Alanna) who's become a sales rep and I love my Jenny who was hosting the party. I had no intentions on purchasing a thing. I wanted to support my family and friend and eat the food :)

The problem was when I got there I was pleasantly surprised at the value and super impressed with the scents.

I LOVE clean cotton from Yankee and their Clean Breeze is a perfect match. The best part is a block of the Clean Breeze scent burns for 200 hours for $5 where a $24 Yankee candle only burns for 110-150 hours. Even the Febreze plug ins cost more and are much less attractive.

The warmers are $30 but they are a one time purchase and they're a beautiful addition to your home decor vs a candle jar that goes in the trash once the candle's burned up.

Anita and I combined orders and I purchased their Cyprus warmer and 3 scents and I love it. One cube in the beautiful warmer and my whole house smells of fresh laundry.

Normally I wouldn't use my blog as a commercial especially for something that I'm not selling :) But if you are interested email Alanna ( and I'm sure she'll hook you up. Mention my blog and maybe she'll reward me with some good smelling stuff :)

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