Monday, September 21, 2009


The boys and I are going on a road trip Wednesday with my mom. My grandfather lives in Duncan, Ok and we're going to visit.

I've been having constant things come up that I have to reschedule. We are such a busy family for a "stay at home" family. There's Wednesday night church, dental appointments, babysitting, and I'm sure there's something I'm forgetting. Hopefully there won't be someone somewhere wondering where I am while we're gone. I'm desperately trying to cover my bases.

Mom, the boys, Sis and I will head out noonish on Wednesday. It's a 6 hour drive so we would greatly appreciate prayers for travel and patience. I haven't been to Papa's house since Brennan was Anneliese's age. He's been to visit us several times but it's getting harder for him to come.

Pray for Jared as he is home alone :) He's planning on getting a lot of work done while we're away since we have such a busy weekend. Saturday is Brennan's birthday and the woman's retreat. Kelby's staying the day and night Saturday and then we're having the family over on Sunday for spaghetti and cake. Wow, I'm tired just thinking of it all :)


Laura said...

If you need a pitstop along the way- give us a ring! :-) Have a safe trip.

Christi said...

So, I take it you WON'T be going to Deanna Rose with us on Friday?

Shannon said...

I actually googled the path for that reason and we don't go through Tulsa. We could...but it adds 45 minutes or more and with 5 kiddos I think you understand why that's a deal breaker :)

You would be the one thing I couldn't think of. I'm so sorry please forgive me. I really do appreciate the invite! I just have to take the opportunity to see Paps while I still can.