Thursday, September 17, 2009

Grrr, Ugh, Stink & All Other Acceptible Expletives

I am in the midst of a month long plateau. My weight has been the same for 4 weeks now.

As a former Weight Watchers leader I know the tricks and all the tips simply because I spent week after week explaining them to my members. I followed Core to the letter for 3 weeks and after no change decided to switch it up and do points. I write everything down. My phone has a Weight Watcher app called iWatcher and I have been diligent.

Ms. Jess and I walk 5 mornings a week for a hour. I walk with Anneliese strapped to my chest have Sophie in toe. We are easily walking 4 miles or more.

I thought points were going to do the trick when I weighed in on Monday (after 4 days on points) and saw the scale go down 1 pound. It may not seem like much but I'll take it after 3 weeks of nada. This morning I was feeling good and had been on points for 6 days now and decided to weigh again. I was up 1 pound.

Since I know I am not alone in this battle I wanted to share my frustrations. I seriously wanted to cry. In fact I still want to cry.

I went to the doctor yesterday for my thyroid and am impatiently waiting for a call from the Doc. I've been hypothyroid for 10 years or more and have been off meds since Aug. There has been so many things for the kids it has been easy to put off my needs. I have to go in once a year for labs in order to continue to get refills and my time was up and the Doctor wouldn't budge. So now my labs are done can I have my meds already?

If this plateau doesn't end soon I may lose it.

For those of you keeping track I've lost 50 and have 30 to go.

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Mindy Jo said...

I think your progress thus far says it all. I too hit a plateau this week and I just kept plugging along. I know that doing the right things and eating healthy and making those right choices along with my exercise will eventually pay off. Since you've lost so much it's most likely your body saying HOLD UP. But, once you shock it back to knowing that isn't the weight it needs to should continue to drop. You can do it sister! We're in it together! :0) I've lost a little over 14 right now and need to lose a bunch more.