Monday, January 18, 2010

Catch Up! or Ketchup! or Catsup!

Anneliese and I arrived home late last night and the fog was HORRIBLE! There were two times between my mom's in Lawrence and my house that I was startled because the road started curving and I couldn't see far enough ahead to anticipate it. Yikes!

I'm really thankful that Mom and I were able to go spend some time with my sweet Papa. When we arrived on Friday it was difficult to stay in the room with him because he was so bad. He has lung cancer and a multitude of lung disorders as well as a blood disorder similar to hemophilia so his blood doesn't clot quickly enough.

He's always been such a strong man full of humor, wit and sass. All my life he's greeted me with a joke and a quarter :)

Yesterday we had a wonderful visit with him. He had renewed strength and wasn't needing his morphine so he emerged from the morphine fog and teased and joked and loved on us all.

I am so thankful that we went to see him. Two of my mom's aunts and one of her uncles were there as well and it was such a blessing to spend time with them. They were smitten with Ms. Anneliese and helped me immensely with her care. She wasn't too keen on being held for three days so walking her around and playing with her helped soo much.

The best part of the trip was spending time with my Mom. When mom said she was going down to see him I just knew I couldn't let her go alone and I'm thankful I went. Jared was soo precious and supportive. He just said, "it's absolutely the right thing to do and we'll manage."

Mom took me to the home of her grandparents and told me stories of her youth. It's was such a blessing to have a some insight to the person that I call mom.

Please keep praying for my Papa as he fights, he has decided he will go home and told us not to count him out just yet. Please pray for his wife of 40 years who is also in poor health and her daughter my Aunt Suzie who has been their caregiver her entire life. Pray for my mom as she balances her responsibilities here and her desire to be with her Daddy and for all of us grandkids who desperately want to hold on to our Papa.

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