Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shrek Free until 2010

Many years ago Jared and I saw the first Shrek movie in the theater and decided it wasn't really little kid friendly with all the innuendo and raunchy humor.

We had successfully been Shrek free until just a few weeks ago. The kids haven't seen any of the movies and any knowledge of the large green frog like troll came from friends and commercials.

Tanner went to stay the night with his NeNe (my mom) and she offered to let him watch Shrek 3. Being the amazingly good child that he is he said, "I'm not allowed to watch it. Maybe we should call my mom."

Jared and I discussed it and thought the older kids are probably old enough to know what's appropriate to repeat and young enough not to get a lot of the innuendo that's aimed at adults. So Tanner watched it and like most boys fell in gross stinky love with the characters and their raunchy ways.

He repeated a lot of the punch lines to Brennan and yesterday even though Brennan's not ever seen it he quotes it and giggles hysterically. Since my mom was coming over today she offered to bring the DVD so that Brennan could experience it first hand. They were thrilled.

So we made it Shrek free until 2010 and now I'm sure we'll be searching trying to find the first 2 so they get the full story :)


Cindy Coker said...

I'm so sorry that your boys got exposed to Shrek. They are good boys though and I think they will be ok.

Shannon said...

HA! You're funny. I'm sure they'll survive it :)

The NeNE said...

Just so I don't look like the "bad" NeNe, I TOLD Tanner that we had to check before he could watch Shrek. He is a VERY good boy and agreed saying that they had not been allowed to watch it in the past. I show them NOTHING without checking first. Now just to make sure my "Best NeNe in the World" trophy is still mine to keep! :0)