Monday, January 4, 2010

Chicken Tortilla Soup!!

I am OBSESSED with this soup right now. It's freezing outside, it's Core friendly (Weight Watchers) and it's absolutely delicious (for a point friendly version just omit the oil)! It's free on core and 2 pts/cup on points.

First of all, make sure you follow the recipe. I made it the other day and didn't have the green chilies or the ground cumin so I used cumin seed and went sans chilies. Yesterday I made it again with all the proper ingredients plus added the sliced avocado, fat free cheddar cheese and fat free sour cream and it was so much better. I'm not kidding it's amazing, delicious and SO filling. I'm in love!

Thank you Alisa for sharing.


Alisa said...

I seriously ate it for lunch like 4 days in a row. I am REALLY bad about not eating lunch at all and was thinking maybe I could just make some of this each week to eat for lunch.

And...avocados are on sale at Walmart for 69cents each. I bought 5 today...yum!

Anonymous said...

Ok....I'm in what is the recipe? You can't just build it up like that and not share the recipe! I'm waiting....
Cindy C