Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pray For Madison

Baby Madison is Joy M.'s niece. She was born on Christmas Day. Madison was taken into the emergency room yesterday for difficulty breathing and congestion. They found a brain bleed and she is in critical condition. Please pray for her recovery and for Janese and Mike (Madison's parents) as well as Stan and Donetta (Janese & Joy's parents) and the rest of the family as they travel to be with their tiny Madison and lend support to Janese and Mike.

***Update***Madison has suffered at least one stroke and appears to be suffering with other complications. Please Pray!

***Update***I just talked to Joy and she, Sheldon and the boys are still 2 hours from the hospital. Stan, her Dad, said that they needed to get there quickly. Madison's outlook is very poor. She seems to have had two strokes and there is damage. Please continue to be in prayer for this family and tiny Madison.


Nicole Mooradian Mize said...

My prayers are with the family...Thank you for the update and please contiue to post as much as possible..

Beth Eaton said...

My heart is so heavy knowing that someone is having to go through this. Please know that they will be in my prayers until I know she is 100% better!!