Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Grand Opening of Leesy K Bags :)

By grand I simply mean there are currently 3 purses on a website out there somewhere in internet land.

I fully intend to continue adding inventory but currently the website is having a hiccup I guess and it takes at least a hour or more to post one item. Shockingly enough I don't have time for that. I haven't sewn a single stitch today because any spare time I had I spent trying to upload information to my shop.

My next goal is to make 3 beautiful flowers and list them with a single neutral headband. I know that's something I would snatch up for my little bald beauty :)

If you want to check out my work on a logo, masthead, and all around website savvy feel free to click my logo in the top left corner of the blog and visit my very humble little store with it's three whole bags :)

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