Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My First Bag!

I decided this evening to go ahead and see what I could put together. I took some pics of the process for you just in case you were curious. I actually drew out some templates on paper for myself since my experience with sewing comes from Mrs. Ellerman's 8th grade Home-Ec class. The pattern I found was something an individual just typed out directions. I've never sewn anything with just written directions before. I plan to make one of Alisa's beautiful little fabric flowers in the morning and add it to dress it up a bit.
I love the poppy fabric. It's really pretty and seems like it would wear well.
The green is the lining.
These are the fabric pieces for the band around the top.
Getting there! The main part of the bag is complete and now for the band and handles. Tada!

Nice green lining. I didn't add any pockets or fasteners so this is a pretty simple bag. Be honest, would you carry it?


Anonymous said...

My word, that was fast! I don't think the pics do that pretty fabric justice! Looks cute!

Jen said...

I would carry it! I love it. Good job!!

Alisa said...

Yes, it's very cute. I like the shape and the colors are great!

Beth Eaton said...

I LOVE the shape of it! Can't wait to see some more!