Thursday, January 21, 2010

Edward LeRoy

PhotobucketThat's pronounced Edward Leh-Roy (not Lee-Roy) for those of you who don't know :)

Grandpa was a redhead so he was known as Red or Grandpa Red his entire life. I honestly didn't know his name was Edward LeRoy until I was a young teen.

Out of my 4 grandparents he was most active in our lives. I never met my Dad's parents and my grandmother on my mom's side was ill with bi-polar disorder so her visits were few.

Grandpa visited Kansas regularly usually driving some fancy vehicle. He loved cars/trucks and he seemed to take great pride in how long he could keep them looking like new and how few miles they had on them regardless of the year they were made.

When I was really young I remember his baseball hat collection. In their old house they had a porch dedicated to his ball caps and they lined the walls.

Most importantly Grandpa Red was a believer. He is home, pain free loving on his mother and meeting Jesus. I'm so thankful for the long life he lived and how we were able to have him far longer than we had hoped. I remember when I was pregnant with Brennan and we all headed to Duncan because Grandpa was in the ICU with internal bleeding and we all thought it may be the end. That was 10 years ago.

We love you Papa, and you will be missed.

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