Thursday, January 28, 2010

NEVER A Dull Moment

-Tanner was being super goofy and Brennan says to me, "This one's been off since birth I tell ya. He's got issues and he gets it from your side of the family," he says gesturing my direction. Umm apparently we need to go over fractions again in class. He must have forgotten he's 50% "your side of the family."

-Elijah and Graham were told to go bathe and the older kids, Sis, and I were listening from the kitchen. Graham says, "My train's name is Arthur but he can't go in the bath." To which Eli replies, "whaaat?" Graham repeats, "My train's name is Arthur but he can't go in the bath." Again Eli replies, "whaaat?" Graham repeats a little louder and slower, "My train's name is Arthur but he can't go in the bath." Again Eli says, "whaaat?" Graham frustrated says, "I'm not saying it again!!" Eli replies in the same tone, "whaaat?" Graham yells, "I'm not telling you again!!" Eli says, "whaaat?" The boys and I are cracking up in the kitchen trying not to interrupt the hilarity when Graham shouts, "You need to wisten to peoples!!!"

-Graham and Elijah were finally bathing and our little mobile Anneliese loves to stand at the tub and talk to the boys as they bathe. Yesterday she decided to tap into her seal like talents and slide head first into the tub fully dressed. Elijah screams out, "Ohh NO SIS!!!" I came running to find her fully dressed sitting in the bath with her brothers giggling and splashing.

-Elijah had a rough evening last night. He was struggling at church and when he was summoned to the van without being able to grab a candy from Dad's office it was the last straw. He came out to the car shoulders slumped and tears flowing. As I was figuring out the issue his grandmother came charging towards the van, opened his car door, grabbed him by the head and tried desperately to shove a caramel into his cranky unthankful lips. He refused and was quite rude to his sweet grandma. On the way home I sternly rebuked his behavior telling him he should have gracefully accepted the candy even if it wasn't one he liked. I told him he should have shown appreciation to his grandmother for caring soo much that she would come out in the cold just to bring him candy. When we got home he was informed he would call and apologize to her. Once on the phone he apologized with a quiet, "I'm sorry." She told him she forgave him and then my 5 year old said, "I really appreciated it."

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