Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oh, So Crafty

-I've had a few of my sewing friends ask for a tutorial on the bags I've made so I thought I'd give you the link that I used. Here it is! Have fun and be creative :)

-At Wal-Mart today I found knitted headbands that are about 2" wide. I matched them with the "party flowers" I've been making and I may have started something I don't have the will or desire to stop. They are absolutely beautiful on my little girl .

-Apparently my thread breaking was due to old thread. I didn't know that could cause such frustration. My sewing machine is really lucky it didn't get lobbed outside in the snow last night. I cleaned and oiled it and still was breaking my thread every 20 stitches or so. I googled the issue for some help and the only option left was bad thread. I tried some new thread today and it's good as new.


Beth Eaton said...

Thanks! You just solved my sewing machine problem :) I just thought it was because the sewing machine itself was ancient...

Jen said...

I hope I am having a girl...... :)