Tuesday, February 17, 2009


-This is my 301st post on this blog. Not bad! I'm shocked I've written that much already. Cool beans.

-I actually slept last night. I went to bed around 11 and didn't get up (other than potty breaks) until 9am. That was wonderful. I managed NOT to cry when I realized I left Anneliese's brand new white blanket in the wash and then added jeans. Remember the post about the wonderful set I bought for her to come home in? I purchased some Dreft and decided to launder it all so I could pack a bag. Unfortunately my new washer is really low to the ground and I can't see in it in my condition.

-My belly and body are now round enough that even maternity clothing can't cover this sexy bod. I have resorted to my husband's closet. He's 6'2" so his shirts are nice and long and actually cover my mid drift. He mentioned this morning, "You better have this baby soon because you're starting to dress like a man." Hey, whatever works.

-I'm going to be flying solo Monday-Wednesday. Next week is the Preaching Teaching convention at Ozark and I'm sending my husband away. He's super hesitant but I'll have a Dr's appt. on Monday morning and as long as all looks well and good there's no reason for him to miss out on such a refreshing 3 days. He needs this both proffessionally and emotionally. It's taken some convincing but he's finally agreed. I have friends and my mom who've offered to babysit me while he's away.

-I picked up a jogging stroller for $15 today. I'm really eager to start running again. I found it on Craigslist and I had to go WAY into KCK to get it but it'll work. It's not pretty but after some WD40 and a thourough washing it'll be just fine. A cheap one new is at least $150 so I don't mind some elbow grease in order to save that kind of money.

-A home body. That is one thing I've not been acused of (that and shy). However this morning while I was galavanting all over KCK I had a serious blood sugar issue. I almost passed out in Wal-Mart. I lost vision and was stumbling like a fool. If it hadn't been for a well timed call from my friend Amy there's no telling what would've happened. She talked me through taking some glucous tablets I had in my purse. It may sound weird but if you've not experienced you can't really understand how much it limits basic funcitons. I couldn't think straight, I was emotional and paniked. After 4 tablets and 10 minutes I was back to normal and exhausted. Jared has made a request that I stay home until Anneliese is born. Dragging this big ol' bod and 4 boys around probably isn't the best idea.

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Alisa said...

I can totally relate to the blood sugar issue. I passed out cold at the grocery store when I was pregnant with Brittney. I was in line checking out and the guy in line behind me caught me...thank goodness. So glad Amy called at just the right time to help you through the situation and that you and baby are ok.