Wednesday, February 4, 2009


-Graham while eating his hot dog and cheetos said, "This is dee-wish-us." Well, I am quite the chef you know.

-I told Graham and Elijah to play in their room while the older kids did school. I shut the door and over heard Eli saying, "this is stupid. I don't want to play in my room. This is stupid." Graham immediately chimed in mimicking his brother's disgust and repeated ,"yes, dis is poopid. Yes, Mommy's poopid." Elijah immediately says, "Mommy is NOT stupid, she's pretty." Graham tried to reiterate his position and Elijah was adamant, "Mommy is NOT STUPID, She's pretty, just pretty!!" Elijah is now my favorite.

-Elijah was bit by the love bug yesterday. While talking to Anita on the phone he told me loved me and hugged and kissed me at least 6 times. How sweet!

-The same Elijah was scolded a few hours later for wiping #2 on his shirt like it was no big deal. I don't want to discuss how the fecal matter found his finger. Let's just say he's a boy and he's gross and leave it at that.

-I failed to mention in the Anneliese update that our pretty little girl already has a head full of hair. They were able to see her luscious locks on the sonogram floating all around her beautiful head. I can't wait to see what color it is!

-Apparently while Grandpa scolded Graham one Sunday morning PaPa used a lot of head nodding trying to get a quiet Graham to agree he was going to behave the rest of the morning. All Graham took from the session was that he could subliminally suggest to others that they too agree with him simply by nodding aggressively. Now whenever Graham wants me to agree he violently nods in hopes my head will follow his lead. It's stinking hilarious.

-I am determined to stop watching birthing stories on TLC and DHC. The main issue is seeing all those mothers holding their new borns and moving onto the next stage of mothering. I'm nearing the end but not close enough to have her without health issues. We start week 35 on Friday so we're at least 2-3 weeks from having a safe delivery. Watching those shows just gives me great desire to hold my baby when otherwise I'm doing fine.

-Tomorrow night Jared and I are heading out on a date to New Theatre. Sonya and Craig gaves us tickets a couple months ago and with a baby on the way we have to use them ASAP. New Theatre has a strict no baby policy regardless of the age of the infant. Since I nurse for the first year and with what showings they had available it was tomorrow or not at all. We love to go and I can't wait to have a nice evening with the world's best husband.

-I went to Home Depot yesterday. Part of my nesting has created the desire to fix all the little things around the house and I needed some supplies. I have sheet rock patching to do upstairs where the boys have ripped their curtain out of the wall multiple times. There is a small wire shelf going up on Jared's side of the closet so he has another surface to lay things. I purchased a bamboo shade for the bathroom so my company no longer feels exposed when they need to use the facilities during cards. Last but definitely not least we are on the search for a bathroom vanity for our main bath. We currently have a pedestal sink and we're all tired of having NO storage or counterspace.

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