Monday, February 16, 2009

A Tribute To our 4th

-Graham turns 3 in just a couple weeks! When asking him what he wanted Jared suggested toys and Graham said, "no shanks." I asked Graham if he wanted new shoes and he said, "Yes!! Shoes!!" I found a pair of Thomas the Tank Engine Crocs (actual Crocs not knock offs) on Ebay. Graham has loved Crocs since he was 1 when Jenny introduced him to his first pair. He's such a unique little boy. Don't most 3 year old boys want shoes for their birthday?

-We have a small basketball that plays the Jayhawk fight song whenever you hit it against something. Graham has been walking around smacking himself in the head with it and singing, "Hay-Hawk Danger!!"

-Graham insists he can see his sister through my belly button. Apparently in the two year old realm a belly button also serves as a portal. He talks to her and even waves at her.

-"Grahamy" has started coming up to all of us and saying, "I wuv you too (fill in the blank)." He'll also randomly say, "I like you." He's quite an affectionate little boy.

-We are officially potty trained. Graham can even "hold it" if necessary. Jared and I knew he'd truly arrived when he went #2 all by himself and we found out about it after the fact. What a big boy!

-Graham has seamlessly transitioned into the big room. He's been sleeping and napping in his big boy bed for weeks now and is doing exceptional. He obviously has issues once in a while with getting out of bed but so far he's been the easiest. We're pretty impressed since we thought the temptation of being in a room with three older brothers would be too much.

-I think having a little sister will be a transition for Graham as well as the other boys but in the last few weeks he has really shown signs that he'll be just fine. He's ready to take on his role as the big brother. He told me today, "Mommy can Anna-weese come out and play train tracks with me? Upstairs, she can play Island of Sodor."

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Alisa said...

He is so very sweet! Josiah would be more happy with cool new shoes or a new shirt than with a toy most of the time....just plain weird!