Friday, February 6, 2009

OK, I'll Throw In My 2 Cents

If you've been anywhere near a T.V. radio, or computer in the last week I'm sure you've heard of the woman in California that gave birth to the octuplets. The news is that she already had 6 children and how dare she have 8 more AND she had the help of an infertility clinic.

I am not surprised but still disgusted at the absolute beating she, her family, and the doctors are getting in the media. I do not know her personal story, financial situation, reasoning etc so I will not pretend to and then comment on it positively or negatively.

There are just a couple things I would like to put out there for thought.

First of all there were 8 fertilized embryos sitting in a clinic that where created out of her eggs. For those of us who believe life begins at fertilization (when the new DNA forms, therefore a new creation begins) there were 8 lives in limbo at the clinic. Knowing that typically 8 embryos would not survive implantation I can understand implanting them simply for the sake that they are life and I wouldn't want to "discard" them. I'd want to give them a chance. Since I am pro-life I can not crucify this woman for the simple fact that I wouldn't have left them frozen either regardless of my family size. My conscience wouldn't allow it.

Another issue is that the media wants it's cake and eat it too. First of all in a society that does not honor marriage why in the world is her marital status being flashed all over the news morning noon and night. It's either important or it's not. They are implying that these children would be better off with a mother and father joined in marriage in the home raising those children as a joint effort. Really?!

Oh, and another issue!! I'm going to call this the Sarah Palin issue. Apparently the leftest media is all about women being strong, self sufficient, powerful, and successful. UNLESS they choose to be all of that in the category of home making. Shouldn't they be congratulating her for taking this on all on her own, without a man. Their titles should read, "Look at the ambition she has. Look at the strength."

Sarah Palin was a feminist dream! She had it all, a successful career and a family. She should have been the poster child for all those in the "You Go Girl" camp. Instead she was bashed for wanting to be Vice President while having young children at home. How dare she.

All this to say, the children are here. They are born and healthy. Why don't we as a society reach out to her and do our best to encourage her. If she does have "issues" like they've implied in the news then she'll need us even more. We need to pray for the family. I want to pray that a church in the area will rise up and support her decision not to "reduce" her pregnancy and offer to help.


Anonymous said...

A single mother with 6 children is plenty. The doctor that agreed to do this for her should be prosecuted. However you choose to look at it, there is something dreadfully wrong with this woman. She has an attention-seeking disorder and the only ones that are going to suffer are those poor, innocent children. When you have children, it comes with the obligation to shelter, feed, clothe and educate those children. There is no possible way she can take care of 14 children. And once again, WHO is paying for all their medical care, etc? You and I are.

Alisa said...

I agree with the fact that these were all babies from the beginning and why you wouldn't want to cast any of the eggs aside. However, what on earth was she doing having any kind of fertility treatments to begin with?? She is a single unemployed mom who already has 6 young kids. Huh? My thought is that she wasn't thinking about anyone but herself when she decided to have the treatments done and have all the eggs implanted. She is seeking attention and that is exactly what she is getting.

She obviously has some "issues", but the children are here now and need to be cared for and loved. Regardless of their mothers actions, this family is going to need lots of support and hopefully will get it from the church. It is very clear that what the mom needs is Jesus! Only He can fill the hole she is so desperately trying to fill with more babies and attention.

Anonymous said...

I also believe that life begins at conception and I wouldn't have wanted to have these embryos destroyed. But I also think that it was irresponsible for any doctor to implant all 8 at one time. This woman is fortunate that all 8 children are healthy and that she survived it. I love large families, but that being said it's best if a large family has two parents. I don't see how she will be able to care for and support all these children on her own.
Another option for this woman would have been to let other couples adopt these embryos. This program is called Snowflake Babies. It's a wondeful thing for both sets of parents.

Anonymous said...

I pretty much agree with you on this I think more people should be reaching out instead of criticizing her.I think its pretty obvious that she made an irresponsible choice but thousands of people do that everyday.The funny thing to me is that on the little clip from the today show where they had that psychiatrist saying there must be something wrong with her because normal people just don't have that many babies. The mother says that each of the times (including this one) she did fertility treatments they put 6 eggs in. She also claims she was never on welfare and never plans to go on it. She might be able to do it with out state aid but she have to have a reality tv show or something. In vitro is really expensive and I doubt they take medicaid so she had to pay for it somehow. Oh and is it just me or does the mother look like she has obviously had plastic surgery?