Monday, February 23, 2009

What I've Learned...

During our dry run to the hospital I learned a few things that will help once it's for "real."

1) Earplugs. Definitely take ear plugs so I can sleep while my husband snores uncomfortably on the chair/bed like concoction in the corner.

2) Pillow. Bring my own pillow from home. Maybe 2 pillows. Anything to make that bed more tolerable.

3) Chap stick. While breathing through contractions and breathing in through the nose out through the mouth my lips are like sandpaper.

4) Fan. While laboring and in intense pain I tend to get hot regardless of the temperature of the room. Jared turned the temp down as far as he could and I was still sweating. I would really like some air moving while I'm "running a marathon."

5) Heating Pad. While this may seem to contradict #4 it is quite necessary. I plan on a natural labor and if Saturday night is in anyway a glimpse of my future I need a heat pad for my back. My back was aching something fierce and the nurse kept bringing me hot blankets to place in the small of my back. It brought sweet relief. I figure a heating pad will give the nurse a break as well as give me constant heat since those blankets cooled off rather quickly.

I'm sure I'll think of more. I made out a "To Do" list when I first started feeling overwhelmed by her impending arrival and out of 20 items I'm down to 3.

My friend Jess came over today. We tagged our vehicles (Due Feb 28) and made 4 meals and froze them for when Jared's on his own.

Her bassinet is ready with laundered blankets and gowns. Our bags are packed and in the car. Her bedroom is complete minus her curtains that should be here any day now (latest ebay purchase). Now all we need is a baby :)

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