Monday, February 2, 2009

Anneliese 34 weeks

Can you tell what you're looking at? This is an upward view of Anneliese's nose, her precious lips, cheeks, chin and tummy with her left arm bent up towards her left cheek.

Out of 5 kids and countless sonograms this is by far my favorite pic ever. With this one and the one of her sucking her thumb apparently she's quite photogenic.

We had the best appointment. The sonogram was perfect and we got to see all of her. Her face is filling out and her little body is rounding out verses the skeleton that you see in the 20 weeks sonogram.

She is 4 lbs 3 oz. That is on the high end of normal and quite a bit smaller than my 6 lb guess. She seems to be following Brennan and Graham (average size, weight) vs Tanner and Elijah who were both massive.

The contractions I've been having are Braxton Hicks and Dr. Sheridan just reminded me that they will come more often and harder since she's #5. I really felt that was the case but it was SO reassuring to have him confirm all is well.

As far as the "progress" talked about in a previous post, She is apparently "engaged" and that has caused my new discomfort.

After leaving the appointment Jared and I were thinking back on what he said and there didn't seem to be any point of concern. We are so thankful!


Anonymous said...

I could see it was her face right away! What a sweet picture! I e-mailed my friend pictures from my sonogram and she couldn't make heads or tails of it. Even the one that said its a boy she was like "I don't see it" there is an arrow pointing right to it ! lol I've been checking all day to see what the doctor was gonna say at your appointment I'm so excited for you. I 'm having a 3d ultrasound on the 18th I can't wait! I hope they sai its still a boy lol


Jenny said...

Such a pretty girl! I'm so glad every thing is good! I can't wait to meet her, in a few more weeks!