Thursday, February 19, 2009

News For Pooh

I haven't ever been a fan of Pooh Bear or his cohorts. I had a co-worker that was obsessed and even had Pooh tattooed on her leg.

A couple years ago Elijah was Eeyore for Halloween simply because I found the costume at Good Will cheap and it fit his personality at the time.

I've seen all the "Classic Pooh" merchandise and it's cute I guess but just not for me.

Apparently having Anneliese on the way has changed everything. I am quickly growing really fond of a little pink pig. It all started when my Mom-n-law gave Anneliese some Piglet paraphernalia for Christmas. It's ridiculously soft and soo pink. I love it.

While at the Good Will the other day I found this pajama set and I was smitten:
Apparently having a house of boys brings more Bionicles and legos vs small furry bears with an affinity for honey.

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