Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mommy Had a Little Lamb

Jared's playing volleyball tonight and the boys and I were left to our own device. I decided to load them up and enjoy the beautiful night out at the Legends.

We went into the Carter's store to pick out Anneliese's take home outfit. This is a tradition I have done with all our kids. The sad part is that for the last two I've had a partner in crime. Laura A. and I have gone together to get our babies their little outfits and blankies for that first ride home from the hospital. I have to say I welled up a bit.

The boys headed to the back to play with the legos and for the first time I was able to browse the pink section. I found the perfect set.
I LOVE Carter's blankets. This one is subtle and sweet with a really soft lamb in the corner. The layette set has an outfit that can be a sleeper or a gown. It just depends on how you snap it. TOO SMART! It also has a matching bib, socks, and hat. The socks look like little pink Mary Jane's. It all goes together and was all on MAJOR sale. I had a duplicate outfit as a gift at the shower so I took one of them and exchanged it straight across for the whole set! What a deal. I am so excited to have the very outfit her hospital picture will be taken in. OH MY GOODNESS, Is it time yet?!!!

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