Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Up For a Challenge?

Since Jarod A. departure we as a church have been working to "fill his shoes" in a sense. This summer is VBS and in past years either Anita and I or Jarod and I have done music with the kids. The problem is this year Anita is heading up VBS and Jarod is gone.

We are finding that not only with VBS but also on Sunday mornings we are in need of someone who can play the keyboard for worship. It would just help free up Dustin (our current keyboardist and all around music gurue) to do other things and would be a great help for this summer when Dustin will be working.

I'm not real sure how it will work out but here's my plan. I took piano lessons in college and have been reading music since the 4th grade. I play by ear (very little) but understand chord progression and know both bass and treble clefs.

Jared challenged me the other night to learn how to play "chord piano." It's a basic technique of playing the piano using a chords and a combination of piano chord progressions. It may be a while before I'm able to help on Sunday mornings (yikes!) but I may be able to do VBS and have alot of fun with the kids who will be forgiving (I hope). It will help to have the music way in advance and be able to "perfect" a few songs. Practice Practice Practice.

We are fortunate to own a really nice electric piano and there is a ridiculous amount of information online as well as a multitude of UTube videos showing the basics. Right now I think I would better benefit from an actual teacher vs the online variety but we'll see what God provides.

I really feel capable but as I told Jared my only fear is if I'll be any good at it :)

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