Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just Hangin'

-At our doctors appointment yesterday he didn't have anything encouraging to say. He said nothing's really changed since Sunday and he'll "see ya next week!" I cried and it really took him by surprise. I had to chuckle at his oh my goodness why are you crying look. Really? As an OBGYN dealing with pregnant woman all day every day I would think a mom ready to pop and be done with it crying would be common place in his office.

-Tomorrow starts week 38.

-I have moments of clarity and sanity when I realize everything is okay and she'll have to come eventually but those are fleeting. The bulk of the time I'm drowning in hormonal soup wallowing in self pity and pessimism. You want to come over? I'm so much fun!!

-Graham has been sitting on my lap (what's left of it) and shouting into my belly button, "Come out wittle gurl." He's eager for a playmate. I think he'll be disappointed when a little raisin that cries a lot comes out verses a two year old.

-I'm really hoping her curtains come in the mail today so I can finish up her room. I'll post a picture or two once her curtains are up so you can see what happens when you have 4 sons and then finally get to indulge in some pink ;)

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Mcmuffy said...

Congratulations on your baby girl! What handsome boys you have. Seems like just last week you and Jared were at Rushville Church!! I saw your blog site on Facebook and had to check it out. Can't wait to see pics of the newest addition. Hope it's soon.