Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cool Gadget

I ran to Target early this morning to get Jared some medicine for his sore throat and I quickly walked through the baby isles while I was there. I found the neatest thing! Our changing table is upstairs in Anneliese's room and I'm notorious for changing babies wherever I happen to be. Munchkin came out with this nifty diaper organizer/bag for in the house. It has several nifty little pockets for the thermometer, disposable diaper baggies, powder, lotion, Balmex etc. The diapers go in the middle. My favorite part is with older brothers this will be an easier thing for them to fetch quickly and have everything in it's place when the inevitable breast fed baby blow out occurs :) I'm thinking shower gift!

1 comment:

Alisa said...

that's so funny, they took a scrapbooking tote thingy and turned it babyish. cute & handy!