Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Are You a Girl From the 80's?

For those of you who've had daughters for years now this is probably no surprise to you.

There are still Caboodles out there! I was thrilled at the idea of buying my little girl her first Caboodle.

I had a purple caboodle with glitter. For those of you in the dark a caboodle is a tackle box for girls. It's for all things hair and make up related.

After the shower Anneliese became the proud owner of a plethora of hair accessories. She has rubber bands, head bands, barrettes, clips, and even velcro bows. I decided I needed to find something to keep it all in and while at the Good Will I found this adorable little caboodle:

The best part is there is a small panel on the front where you can put pictures or a decoration and it had a plastic cover. The previous owner never took the plastic sheet of protection off of it. So I ran the caboodle through the dishwasher and removed the plastic sheeting and it's like brand new and it only cost $.99!

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Jenny said...

I also had a purple one with glitter! :)