Friday, February 20, 2009


-I took the van in this morning to have our flat and one regular tire repaired. 3 hours later I ended up buying a new tire and they couldn't find the leak in the regular tire. The flat wasn't fixable and apparently the guy on the job "is an idiot who shouldn't be on tires." That's what I was told after I wandered through Wal-Mart with 4 kids and 9 mos pregnant for 3 hours. I felt it was urgent to have both repaired and was more than frustrated by the time I left. Oh and instead of placing the new spare tire where it belongs like I asked (under the van) it's sitting behind the back seat. UGH! Don't worry the clerk told me if my regular tire still leaked I could always bring it back.

-Pray for me. I started having severe pelvic pain yesterday. I thought I was uncomfortable before but I was wrong. It's constant and from what I read is a good sign that we'll see our little girl soon but I'll be eager to see what the Doc has to say on Monday.

-We have become quite the sideshow. While out and about several people stop us and ask about the kids ages, the baby, her gender etc. Today an older woman started talking to the boys and told them how they need to help me when Anneliese gets here. Brennan said, "Tanner can't wait and he really wants to help so Eli and I'll just lay back." He was obviously teasing and had a big grin on his face and this 70 year old woman called my son a smart-@#$. No joke! You could've knocked me over with a feather! I tried not to react simply because the boys don't know that word and it didn't seem to phase them. I've been laughing in astonishment off and on ever since.

-On a positive note I found 4 brown 3 button shirts for the boys for $3 a piece. This Easter I want to take the kids to the Picture People and get their picture taken together. I wanted the boys in brown and Anneliese has a beautiful little dress from her NeNe that is brown with pink polka dots. I can't wait!

-24 hours after cleaning the "venturi" on the water softener I had a slimy shower!! That's a good thing :) Our soft water is back and I'm thankful it was a simple fix.

-I like birthdays. I really like my birthday. It's funny because I think this is the first time in 31 (almost 32) years that I haven't given it much thought. It's just days away and all I can think about is when am I going into labor. Who cares about the birthday? Is it growth or just simple distraction. I'll say growth :)

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