Thursday, February 5, 2009

News Flash

I'm pregnant.

I'm large, make that extra large possibly verging on 1x

I am constantly going to the restroom

I can't sleep, yet I'm exhausted

Walking is becoming increasingly more difficult

There is a little girl I am desperate to meet

I feel like I have the flu when I'm actually fine

I no longer can hug my husband unless I resort to the weird side hug you reserve for people you really don't feel comfortable hugging

I cry...a lot

This is officially installment #2 of GIVE ME THE BABY. I actually feel really blessed to have carried 5 children and can't wait to meet my little girl. I love pregnancy...well, I love labor and delivery. I know it's painful but the sheer excitement and anticipation of the outcome is fantastic. As soon as that first labor pain begins I am filled with so much love and joy! It's an experience of a lifetime and I'm ready to have it one last time.

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