Sunday, February 22, 2009


It's 11:30 and we're home after 14 hours of labor and no baby. You're welcome to read Jared's play by play here. The hospital has WiFi so he was able to keep people updated as the night progressed.

I was given 3 different medications to take away the pain so I could sleep since I wasn't progressing fast enough. They were just sure the first one would stop the contractions if it wasn't "true" labor. Hours later I was still contracting every 1-2 minutes. Then they added an IV, gave me a shot in my hip and gave me some IV meds and I passed out cold. Unfortunately the contractions kept on coming, I was just too drugged to care.

Finally at 9:30am ish the contractions started spacing out more and they sent me home. I know she has to come out eventually but Dr. Sheridan told me to expect this for the next couple weeks, or until she gets here. My simple question is how in the world am I to know the difference. Those hurt so bad I couldn't talk through them and it took 3 meds to take the edge off.

Please pray for me and for Anneliese and our whole family. I'll be taking it easy until she gets here so as not to spark another incident like last night. When I take it easy it puts a lot of pressure on Jared when he already has a ton on his plate with church responsibilities.

Come quickly little girl, Mommy's losing it :)

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Jenny said...

you poor thing. I was sure they were going to keep you. We will be praying for you!