Saturday, January 31, 2009


I am really looking forward to going to the Doc on Monday. It may be nothing but I'm contracting...a lot.

I spent 5 hours in bed on Thursday trying to keep them at bay and several hours off and on yesterday. Today I thought they had subsided but here this afternoon and evening they're back full swing.

I started timing them and they're coming every 20 minutes. I'm sure they're Braxton Hicks because they follow the definition. They aren't getting any closer together and the intensity is about the same. I am concerned however that they come whether I'm sitting/standing/sleeping etc.

From everything I've read they come sooner and harder with each pregnancy so I should expect them to hurt and to have them more often. I've called the Doc and they told me to rest the weekend and we'll check things out on Monday unless they are closer together. Basically the time to start worrying is 5 or more an hour. We're currently at 3-4 at the most and it hasn't really changed in 3 days.

In previous pregnancies these "practice" contractions got things moving for me and I've started each "real" labor at 3cm dilated or more and completely effaced. In fact I was 7cm before I had hard labor with Graham. I think that's why he came so quickly. Since we're planning another all natural labor (we're self pay & epidurals are pricey!!) I'm thankful for any help I can get :)


Anonymous said...

Wow how scary/exciting! I never had braxton hicks contractions I'm sure that must drive you crazy. I do remember my fingers would swell up though because I had to take all my rings off.

Anonymous said...

WIll pray that Braxton behaves over the next few weeks. I had those, I was so ready for Wesley to deliver. I'd actually take walks trying to speed them up. Didn't work. Take it easy so Anneliese doesn't have to experience a cold winter. Let me know if we can do anything for you.
Jane D