Friday, January 2, 2009

Installment #1 Of Give Me The Baby

Today marks the beginning of week 30. I have said for years that the purpose of the last 10 weeks of pregnancy is to make you look forward to birth.

I am reaching the "are we there yet" phase of pregnancy and I'm struggling a bit today with the idea of weeks and weeks of waiting. I'm sure I'll be better tomorrow but for now I'm a bit impatient.

Elijah had a bit of a breakdown today and I had to discipline him. The problem was that he had decided to retreat to the far corner of his top bunk. This forced me to scale the bunk bed in order to reach his delicate rear. It took me not one, not two, but 3 attempts to get onto that top bunk. Once Eli and I had our discussion about his behavior I slid down off the bunk headed down stairs for a nap. Whew I am too pregnant/fat to be climbing bunk beds.

My weight is at an all time high post Weight Watchers (even with my previous pregnancies). Every time I decide to get in gear and watch what I eat I fail miserably. I even decided to start this morning walking just 15 minutes a day figuring it would help and such a small amount wouldn't affect my hip. I woke up with it already hurting so I didn't go.

Graham came up to my belly today and said, "it's too big, it goes higher higher and bigger bigger." I'm feeling it and eager to lose my second chin I've aquired.

I have no doubt the time will pass quickly and she'll be here before we know it. I'm just super ready for that next step. I apologize but I'm sure there will be many more installments before she's born :)


The Lane's said...

This made me laugh because it brings back so many memories for me! Our boys have bunk beds too! While I was pregnant with Anna it was all I could do to put clean sheets on the boys beds. . . not just the top but the bottom too. The top is hard because you have to climb up there, the bottom is hard because you have to bend over and by the end your back is killing you! Oh the memories!!!!

Shannon said...

It is funny how we forget once the pregnancy is over. I've been having lots of "ahhh I remember this" moments. You would think by now I'd have this process memorized :)