Tuesday, January 13, 2009


-The dogs are bathed, the kennels are clean and the bean bag has been laundered. Ahh, all I can smell is home made banana bread in the oven.

-66 days (hopefully less) until my baby girl is out of my belly and into my arms. I asked Jared to pray for me the other night. He quickly responded, "I always do." I'm not sure if I should be offended or thankful :) I then specified that I either need to find patience to last the next several weeks or I need God to make the time pass quickly. The discomfort is mounting and my patience is about extinct. This would qualify as a "give me the baby" insert.

-After tinkering with our water softener I was able to get about 2 weeks worth of soft water out of it until it went kaput again. I finally broke down and bought the expensive part it needs online and we are patiently waiting for it's arrival. Once it's installed I will have to treat all our glass ware again with the vinegar baking soda bath. It's shocking how quickly the calcium begins to build up.

-Our cable will be installed on Thursday between 12 and 5. Don't you love the precise appointments companies like this give. I hope I don't have ANYTHING to do for 5 hours while I wait for their arrival. It's worth it however, football relief is mine!

-After months of toying with potty training I do believe Graham is trained. We're still struggling with #2 but as far as #1 we're golden (oh my, I was just rereading this and realized the pun, sorry not intentional yet hilarious). He is going all day without a pull-up and no longer has to be nude from the waist down to prevent accident. He now can wear pants and even underwear (Cars underwear are his favorite). We still have the occasional mess up but for the most part he is great! We even went to church and he went all morning Sunday and all evening Wednesday without incident. GO GRAHAM!

-Life is good, God is good. I am amazed every day by His plan and His will. Our family feels so blessed by the 5 little people God has granted.

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