Friday, January 30, 2009

Yay February!

Saturday is the last day of January. Can you believe it? We've been in 2009 for a whole month already!

I really like the idea of telling people we're due "next month." That makes it seem so close!

Feb 1st is the Super Bowl party at the church (starts at 5). Everyone is invited to hang out watch the game on the 52" screen or play games in the neighboring rooms all while eating yummy snacks. If you come please bring board games, snacks, and a 2 liter of pop. I'm actually excited! Not so much for the football but more for the fellowship.

Feb 8th is Anneliese's baby shower. EEEEKKKK!!! I am so incredibly excited for that! It starts at 3 and is at the church. Come one come all!! As soon as Jared and I decided to have another baby our friend Alisa said, "If it's a girl we're having a shower." Then when we found out she is a girl she said, "Okay, when do you want your shower?" I am so thankful for her friendship and hard work. I've refused to purchase much but the necessities (crib,swing,and bedding) in wait for the shower. My nesting is in overdrive and I can't wait to organize and prepare all her little things.

Feb 14th is not only Valentine's Day but it's also my friend Misty's wedding. She was my maid of honor and I am absolutely thrilled for her and can't wait to see her married and for her to begin her "happily ever after."

Feb 28th marks a full 37 weeks so any time Anneliese wants appear after that is fine with us!

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Alisa said...

I'm happy to do it and I'm just really excited for all the pink. You won't be a "testosterhome" any more.