Monday, January 19, 2009

Home Schooling Is Going To The Dogs

I had a doctor's appointment this morning and I worked all afternoon. On days like today Jared steps in and helps me to make sure we don't get behind on the kids' schooling.

Tanner usually needs quite a bit of help and requires a lot of instruction (although he's really turned a corner and is doing exceptional on his own). Brennan on the other hand takes his work, goes into the kitchen and then in a hour or two comes back to the office with his work completed without error. He rarely needs help and hasn't gotten more than one or two things wrong so far this year.

As I was getting ready for work I overheard Jared firmly asking Brennan, "What's 12 minus 8?" When Brennan hesitated Jared stepped in with, "Come on you know this. What's your mother teaching you anyway." Nice...

As a first born Brennan does not like to be wrong and will deliberate for a while before answering in order to ensure he's correct. He also really likes being on his own and working at his own pace. So Daddy's hovering and drilling for answers was intimidating and he just froze, oh and in true Brennan fashion...cried.

Brennan can't seem to remember how many feet are in a yard and stumbles on it each time. Unfortunately for Brennan that pesky question came up while Dad was looking on. I started with my normal prompts and Jared stepped in with a story:

"There's a one legged dog hopping around the yard. He was looking for his feet? How many feet are in a yard."

Brennan looks panicked and says with great concern, "I don't know. What's wrong with the dog? What happened to it?"

Jared continues his story altering it slightly hoping Brennan will make the connection. Brennan is pretty black and white and still doesn't understand what a dog has to do with anything and can't figure out why Dad is getting irritated.

Finally after several prompts from Dad and his mommy having mercy and holding up the number 3 he got it right and with a sigh of relief moved onto the next question. I don't think he'll ever forget how many feet are in a yard again but I feel he'll always wonder how the dog hopped around the yard with just one foot.


The Lane's said...

That story is a good one! I like the dog story and must remember it for later. . .and I am sure I will get the same puzzled look from my kids but I will get a kick out of the expression!!!

Alisa said...

That is way too funny and reminds me of many conversations we have had with Corban....bless his heart, sometimes he just doesn't get it. He has a hard time remembering things like that too and I'm certain he too would have questioned what had happened to the dog. :)