Wednesday, January 14, 2009

INTRODUCING (insert fanfare here).....

Princess Anneliese

I babysit my neighbor Anita's little girl Nadia. When dropping Nadia off this morning Anita handed me a small package shaped like a castle. When I looked inside I found "Princess Anneliese."

Apparently Barbie put out a princess barbie that shares our precious name. Anita's boss has a close friend who's name is Anneliese and when she heard of our little girl this total stranger thought our Anneliese had to have a doll that shared her name. What a thoughtful gift!

I started doing some research and found out that there is an entire line of stuff (of course). There's movies, full sized barbies and even dress up outfits for little girls that match Princess Anneliese. Amazingly I have been completely unaware. The boys aren't too interested in Barbie.

It may seem silly but I am thrilled that there are dolls, princesses that share her name and even spell it the same. I can remember as a young teen when the movie Far and Away came out and the lead female's name was Shannon. Jared recalled a show he watched when he was younger where the lead male role was Jared and even though the show wasn't very good he still watched (believe it or not when we were younger Jared was a rare name).

I plan on storing her little Princess Anneliese away for a day that she can appreciate that they share a namesake.


Los Cannon said...

Of course there is a Barbie Anneliese! She's one of Brooklyn's favorites. I guess I just take it for granted that people know these things :-) We've been watching Barbie movies for going on three years. They are a HUGE hit with my girls and they do actually teach a few good things. Oh, and all the fun merchandise that goes with it... You are going to love having a little girl. They are so much fun - they dance and sing and play all sorts of things that boys don't get. My girls have educated me on how a proper princess acts/dresses/speaks and they love to perform dances for their parents after dinner. It's a whole new world! She'll be here before you know it!

StacyJean said...

That is so fun! Barbie had a friend named Stacey, but I had a problem with her because she spelled her name with an "e" and I do not.