Monday, January 12, 2009

No More, No Less

I have a couple pieces of advice to give all women. DO NOT ever buy an animal when you strongly desire a child. The dog, cat, hamster etc will not ever fill the need you have and instead of being fulfilled you will still desire a child PLUS have the added responsibility of a creature for the duration of it's lifespan.

For example, I begged Jared for a fru fru dog or a baby. He bought me a dog within 48 hours. I love Maury and think he's adorable. The problem is that he's a dog. So after a few months the desire for a child increased and Jared saw the error of his ways and now we have a baby girl due in a matter of weeks. Oh and I still have Maury.

Another piece of advice is DO NOT ever get rid of an animal during or directly after a pregnancy. While preparing for our new bundle I have at any given time been more than willing to give away all of our animals (6 hamsters, 2 dogs, and a cat for you keeping count). I do not appreciate the added responsibilities they bring.

Yesterday we had company and I kept thinking that the dogs smelled really bad. The problem was that I was smelling the same odor when they weren't around. Today I decided to clean the kennels and bathe the dogs to rid our home of the nasty odors. I started with Maury's kennel and found he apparently ate a leaf and then vomitted all over his bedding. Umm EWWWW!

Then after cleaning his kennel it still smelled in the office so I started on Sophie's kennel only to find she apparently had a bowel movement in her kennel the night before. I took it outside and hosed it out all the while secretly wishing their demise.

Both dogs in the last 10 days have started waking up in the middle of the night. Around 2:30 am they absolutely lose their minds wailing at the top of their mugs and scratching at the doors. Jared has been letting them out but everything I've read says DO NOT do that because they'll continue the behavior whenever they want out of the kennel. Only let them out when they are calm. So I refused to let them out when it was up to me and apparently Sophie decided to leave me a gift for my discipline. I simply warned them with our remote zapper (warning w/o shocking). They quieted down and I thought I had won the battle. I was wrong.

I was also woke up this morning to Brennan saying, "Mom Elijah's needs wiped and Kayla (the cat) puked all over the bean bag."

When I am calm and not currently cleaning up after the nasty beasts I am thankful for the addition they are to our family. When I am up to my elbows in all their disgustingness while being 8 months pregnant with 4 children I want to...well...hurt them.

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